Sparsh was founded to create pathways to independence through social & educational activities in young underprivileged children, women & youth with an endevour to adopt an integrated & affirmative approach towards identified social causes.

The idea is to empower other social organizations (NGOs) and enterprises through capacity building on Technology, Access, Impact & Innovation. Sparsh focusses a lot on enabling technology solutions for NGO’s- it helps the way they communicate with the outside world bringing in more transparency in the process. Sparsh aims to be an online aggregator, collaborator and donation platform to bring all resources together backed with credible sources and monitoring and evaluation. Technology plays the biggest role in today’s world and by bringing in the high-quality talent and technologies to speed and scale up interventions. One of the most important aspects for Sparsh is to improve access to safe, assured and adequate water for both drinking and livelihood purposes.


Passion is what drives you to succeed because you are completely dedicated to making your business work no matter how hard the process may be and that’s exactly the kind of team we have put together. Passion makes us want to leave an impact.


Integrity is the most important principle of leadership and it is what holds the company together. We, at Sparsh, believe it is the key to our success.


Sparsh is committed to making a difference in the world by touching lives and helping them along the way. We are committed to this cause.


As an organization that helps in social impact, it is most important for us to build transparency in our systems. We are upfront about all that we do and that helps our partners trust us.


We collaborate to harness the power of a collective vision. We partner with social organizations to improve their efficiency through technology enablement. We provide a futuristic and tech enabled design to improve the way we can measure impact.

Sparsh has an Impact Plus portfolio where we promote products in the space of social impact. At Sparsh, we work at empowering foundations with end to end communication via digital solutions. From communication to creating strategy & content communication, we create a brand voice to reach the apt audience. We work with the funding community to help them identify to credible ngo’s.